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Alcon Araç İçi ve Klima koku Giderici Sprey

With its special formulation, it removes bad and irritating smells odors resulting from dailiy use, air pollution , smoking  that accumulate in the vehicle and associated channels of the air-conditioning system over time. Ensures that there is a pleasant odor within the vehicle..

Product Features

    • Fast effect,
    • Does not cause corrosion,
    • Extended nozzle life,
    • Easy application.


Packaging Types

  • 150 ml.

Products Types

Product Code Color Packaging Type Pieces
150 ml. 12
Technical Information
Application Details

Form: aerosol

Colour: colourless

Odour: Pleasant spring odor

Ignition temperature: 200 °C

Lower explosion limit: 2,0 %(V)

Upper explosion limit: 12 %(V)

Vapour pressure: 6.000 hPa

Density: 0,88 g/cm3

Water solubility: completely miscible

  • Shake the can well before using
  • Close the air-conditioning system and switch ventilation to internal circulation mode.
  • Operate the fan at the coolest setting with maximum speed.
  • Place the can on its slot in the package.
  • Within the vehicle, orientate the product towards the air channel at the right passenger foot level and place it on the mat. Lock the mechanism by pressing the spray button and leave the vehicle immediately.
  • Close the doors and windows of the vehicle. Wait for approximately 10 minutes. When the operation is complete, stop the engine, open the doors and ventilate the vehicle sufficiently.
  • Read the label before using.
  • Do not spray on fire or incandescent metals.
  • Do not puncture empty can sand do not throw into the fire.
  • The can is pressurized.Keep away from sunlight and store at temparatures lower than+50 °C.
  • Do not inhale the aerosols.
  • Avoid contact of eyes , rinse with plenty of water immediately and seek medical attention.
  • Utilize protective clothes, protective  gloves, protective googles /masks while working.
  • Only use in well ventilated areas.
  • Keep away from ignition sources , do not smoke.
  • Do not release into the sewers.Dispose of the waste and its container in designated sites for dangerous or special waste collection.
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