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Alcon Insulating Spray

      It increases the insulation resistance of electrical and electronic devices by covering the applied surfaces. Provides protection against corrosion and oxidation by forming a waterproof and sealed film coating. Applicable in many fields such as coils, cables, traffic lights, all kinds of electric motors, billboards, parking barrier systems, outdoor lighting devices, underwater lighting systems, military vehicles, gun maintenance and repairs, maritime transport and so on.

Product Features

    • High dielectric strength—3 000 V/mil (dry)
    • Excellent oil and moisture resistance
    • Excellent finish—tough, flexible, glossy, and durable red coat
    • Good water and salt water resistance
    • Good adhesion
    • High gloss


  • Red
  • Transparent

Packaging Types

  • 400 ml.

Products Types

Product Code Color Packaging Type Pieces
400 ml. 24
400 ml. 24
Technical Information
Application Details

Tack Free: 10 min

Recoat Time: 4 h

Dry to Handle: 30 min

Drying Time @25 °C [77 °F]: 1 d

Drying Time @80 °C [176 °F]: 1 h

Theoretical coverage a: <800 000 cm2

Per gal for 25 mm [1.0 mil]: <850 ft2

Recommended Thickness: 25 to 38 mm [1 to 1.5 mil]

Shelf Life: 2 years

Can be easily applied by dip or spray gun. Follow the procedure below for best results. The product may be diluted with xylene or other similar low cost solvents.


  • Ensure that the substrate if free of scratches, gouges, and raised metal burrs.
  • Ensure surface to be coated is clean: oil free, dust free, and rust free.

Insulates transformers, coils, armature, motor windings, and various electric generator parts against arc and corona. As well, it protects these parts from corrosion and moisture.

Alcon Insulating Red Spray insulation coating adheres well to copper and steel; however, it is not compatible with contaminants like water, oil, and greasy flux residues that may affect adhesion. If contamination is present on the substrate, clean the surface first.

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