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ALCON Valve Exercise Putty No: 120-150-180-220

It gives the best results in the operation of the intake and exhaust valves of the engines, blasting, polishing and polishing works for the highest performance, eliminating and correcting the metal deformations caused by heavy usage conditions on the metal floor.

Thanks to its special formula, it provides reliable, high performance abrasion, correction, leveling, honing, cleaning and polishing. For the best results, it is important to choose the appropriate thickness of sand and it is recommended to first adjust the abrasion-level with thick putty and then smooth-finish-polish with fine putty.

Product Features

    • High resistant metal surface abrasive.
    • It provides metal correcting, leveling, honing, cleaning and polishing.
    • It is an ideal material for accustoming suction and exhaust valves.


Packaging Types

  • 250 gr. Box

Products Types

Product Code Color Packaging Type Pieces
250 gr. Box 12
Technical Information
Application Details

Color: Green

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